There was a time in my life when I was very active, but I wasn’t fit.

In fact, I have always been very active. Walking and aerobics were my preferred methods of exercise. Like many women, I shied away from weight lifting equipment and the gym because I thought it was “for the big guys.”

But after the birth of my second child, I blew up to a size 10 (I’m 5’2”). Overweight and depressed, I continued to walk daily, but walking wasn’t helping me to drop the weight. That’s when I decided to make a change.

I discovered a weight loss program which emphasized weight training and cardiovascular exercises along with eating several small, nutritious meals each day. There were just two, small problems: one, the Asian Indian diet is high in fat and calories and two, I had no idea what to do with a dumbbell.

But over time, I learned to modify my favorite Indian foods and prepare healthy dishes. I also became more comfortable with weight training and in less than four months, witnessed an amazing physical transformation: I dropped several dress sizes! I even competed in a national body building and figure fitness championship (the first Asian Indian ever to do this) and placed third.

I also became passionate about sharing the true benefits of weight training and healthy eating with others.

Today, I am a certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management consultant and group fitness instructor by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Along with that, I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina. I bring my passion, personal insight and experience about weight training and healthy eating to the South Asian Community.

At Aarti Fitness, my goal is to deliver personalized attention and service based on your specific goals. More important, I’ll meet you right where you are. After all, it’s never too late to make changes when it comes to your health and fitness!

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