Whether you need help losing weight, eating more healthfully, or staying motivated to work out, my personalized coaching and training programs will help you get results!

But don’t take my word for it. Hear what some of my satisfied clients have to say:

I have been with Aarti Fitness for over a year now and have absorbed her knowledge regarding weight training exercises and nutrition. I have lost around 18 pounds since I joined her gym by following Aarti’s excercise routine/advice on diet. Weight training does have an impact on physical well being which Aarti carefully researches the proper exercise forms and techniques. These routine exercises are customized to ones individual needs. I highly recommend Aarti’s weight training programs as they are proven to have made an improvement not only for me but for others as well. I have certainly found that to be true.
— Hasmita

Aarti has been a living example and a true inspiration in my battle of the bulge. Her positive approach coupled with her incredible sense of humor keeps me on the “right foot” to work on my exercise and eating habits. I ask myself, “What is it about Aarti and her manner that inspires me to keep going?” I was at a turning point in my life. I was determined to succeed but I recognized that I needed someone to push me along the way and keep me focused on my goal. Aarti provided that gentle “nudge” and I knew from the beginning she believed in me. Her faith in me kept me going ounce by ounce and I was even more motivated when I actually the needle on the scale go down! So, I soldiered on and am proud to report that I made it from a size XL to a Medium. Besides me, I only have Aarti to thank for if she hadn’t believed in me day in and day out, I don’t think I would have made it to the amazing loss.
— Priti

I never considered myself overweight but as you can tell by my before picture, I needed to tone certain parts of my body. Working out with Aarti for the past five years has made me physically and mentally stronger. Going to the gym three times a week has become a part of my life that I enjoy. It is something that I am doing for myself.
— Dr. Reshma Shah

Walking into ‘Aarti Fitness’ was the best thing I’ve done for my health! Now I have a well toned and strong body at age 53. Thanks to Aarti!
— Usha

I came to Aarti Fitness less than three months before my wedding to get in shape. While I went in expecting a miracle, what I got in the end was even better – a healthier lifestyle that I could maintain…along with a better body. Aarti does not just tell her clients to get on a treadmill and run. She teaches them about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, with practical and realistic suggestions. Whether it is working with your schedule to find the time for exercise, setting up a meal plan for you, or teaching you how to cook healthy Indian food, Aarti is truly there for her clients to help them achieve their goals and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Plus, with Aarti Fitness, you see results! I never lifted weights because I thought it would make me look bulky. I also felt intimidated by weight machines at gyms because I didn’t know how to use them. After working out with Aarti for even a few short weeks, I started to see the benefits of weight training right away! Because I was building muscle, I looked leaner and felt stronger. I am a pretty petite and was amazed at the weights I was lifting! With a personal trainer, you don’t just stop when you think you’re tired. Aarti is there by your side to keep pushing you to your full potential so you see results!

As a busy bride-to-be juggling wedding planning and a professional career, Aarti was also very accomodating with my schedule. I have never been athletic or liked working out. However, I came to look forward to my workouts with Aarti. Planning a wedding is very stressful and my personal training sessions were my time just for me. It is a great stress reliever which every bride needs.

Thanks to Aarti, I looked and felt great at my wedding. Even in just three months, my friends and family noticed a big difference. Not to mention the fact that my husband loved the way I looked, too. Both he and my parents were really proud of me and my dedication to get in shape. But best of all, I am proud of myself. Aarti helps you look great on the outside, but you end up feeling better than ever on the inside, too.

Thanks, Aarti! You’re the best!

“When I started working out with Aarti, I was in poor physical shape. My lifestyle was bad, high cholesterol, blood pressure etc. Now with Aarti’s help I have changed my habits.
I have learned to eat better and I have built strength. My posture has also improved. At 57, I am in the best shape of my life and loving every bit of it. Aarti made me realize that you can be fit and feel great at any age! “